Tell your Story – Sohini

I have been really lucky to shoot some inspirational women lately and I want to bring their stories to you.

Everyone has a story (whether they believe it or not) and I really believe in recording these stories for future generations (check out my post about what has inspired me in my photography journey )

This session was to create some updated headshots for Sohini for her small business. I have asked Sohini to share a little bit about her business, what inspires and drives her to follow her dream of building her own small business.

I am the Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Allegoro Communications. I specialize in Public Relations and Content Writing for businesses, corporations and non-profits. I create and edit content for both external and internal business communications. I am also a social media strategist and believe that the success of a business depends heavily upon the strength of the community it builds, both online and off.

I have a been a rebel since childhood, and a creative one at that. My avenue for creativity is writing. After 2 Masters degrees and close to 7 years of being employed in the corporate and government sector, making money for others became intensely tiring. I was numbed by the routine of doing things the same way and following the bandwagon. I think of these 7 years as a period of apprenticeship that I needed, to know about the rules of business. Working under authority was, and still is one of my pet peeves, and finally it was time for me to push the envelope, explore my own creativity without killing my conscience, do things my way, and when I wanted to do it. Writing and Public Relations is what I do best, so this was the obvious choice for me. Given that 99.99% of businesses out there need writing and public relations to convey their message and create awareness for their product/service, my ideal client really is every one who owns a business within the non-profit, government, real estate, food & hospitality, and health & wellness sectors. Most businesses do not realize that their writing is average at best. So, I’m secretly amused when I make a client realize that they need me to write content for their internal and external communications because a) they aren’t as savvy as they think they are, in terms of marketing and public relations writing, b) they don’t have the time needed to write a good piece of content that can actually produce results.
I consider myself to be a “people person”, the paradox being that I am actually extremely introverted. There is no story for why I got started in this field. But I rebel against myself and my own shyness by being in a field as extroverted as Public Relations. It’s a challenge for me and I never back down from a healthy challenge.
My inspiration for my business comes primarily from lesser known people/unsung heroes who have unashamedly risen beyond their means and abilities, against significant human challenges, to forge a path not just for themselves, but for others as well. These are people who have defied the norm and have decided to lead their lives on their own terms. On days when I feel defeated, all I have to do is think of these people, imagine their struggles, and the triviality of my own cause in comparison to theirs. It is a comparison that galvanizes me into immediate action and snaps me out of my self-induced inertia!
You can find Sohini at her Website, and Twitter
Check out the photos of Sohini from her head shot session a couple of weeks ago
Toronto Head Shots Photography | Social Media Photography
Toronto Head Shots Photography | Social Media Photography
Toronto Head Shots Photography | Social Media Photography

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